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Improve the drainage, appearance and resale value of your property. The JEI Pebbles range of products is ideal for use in driveways across the country. Whether it’s the wet season in Cairns or just another rainy winter day in Melbourne, our pebbles and binder keep water safely draining away from your property.

Proper drainage offers a number of short and long term benefits to the foundation. It will also enhance the lifespan of any surrounding landscaping features, as many paved areas can be severely damaged by excess water.

Suitable for pathway construction and driveway resurfacing

The strength of our driveway resurfacing products is their versatility. Provided respectively in 20kg bags and tins of varying size, our pebbles and resin are perfect for jobs of any size and scale- from driveways to bigger scale projects. Whether you’re building a short, flat walkway around your home or are constructing a 100-metre driveway up a steep gradient, the crush rock range is not slippery you’ll love what our range can offer for you. Quick and cost-effective to construct, our permeable driveway options, or our concrete resurfacing offers clients a simple way to successfully complete any projects around their home and property.

Concrete resurfacing with permeable paving is often completed much more cost-effectively and rapidly than laying fresh concrete. Save yourself time, money and stress and make an investment in the long-term appearance and functionality of your property with our low cost concrete resurfacing options. Choose permeable driveway paving for your home or ensure that you select a contractor who recommends and prefers JEI Pebbles.

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JEI Pebbles helps people across the country get the very best in paving materials. From carefully graded, naturally-coloured and chemical wash-free pebbles to high-quality resins that improve the lifespan of your paths and driveways, we our paving experts provide it all at a fantastic price, backed up by excellent customer service and relevant, knowledgeable advice and guidance.

Make an enquiry today to find out more about our concrete driveway resurfacing options or our low cost options. Our team can give you all the information you need about driveway repairs, resin binding and more. Get in touch with our Melbourne office in Narre Warren on 0407 923 823 to speak directly to our friendly staff, or send us a message through our contact page or via email at

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