Permeable Paving D.I.Y. Kits from The Melbourne Experts

Even if you’re not that handy, it’s easy to lay your own paving when you choose JEI Pebbles. Our permeable paving DIY kits give you everything you need to get the job done fast and well. Ideal for creating landscaping features as well as driveway resurfacing and outdoor/under-cover pathways, they’re a durable, stylish option that adds value to value to a property and visual appeal to a space.

Our paving products are available in a range of great colours to complement all other materials, you’ll be impressed with the versatility and resilience of our range of products. Consider how your property could be enriched by the addition of the JEI Pebbles range.

We are located in Melbourne and can provide our service throughout the city.

How We Apply Our Permeable Paving

One D.I.Y. Kit will cover approximately 2.4 square meters to a depth of 16 to 18 mm thick. Different surfaces may require different thicknesses of paving materials. It is recommended that you carefully consider the requirements of your property and the underlying surface to be paved before purchase. Consideration should be given to the end use of the paved area.
Fit for purpose. Suitable for use on foot traffic only pathways when used without an underlying material. Create a fully permeable driveway or resurface an existing one by laying our DIY kits over crushed rock.

One Standard Kit Includes:

  1. 80 kilograms of graded, washed and kiln dried aggregate in four 20 kilogram bags. See photo below.
  2. Pre-measured Binding Resin
  3. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  4. User instructions

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Choose the paving suppliers more home handymen and contractors across Australia prefer and make your next purchase from JEI Pebbles. Our range makes it easy to get the products you need to create the best looking, most functional surfaces around your property or for your clients.

We understand the challenges involved in getting the right materials for your job. Make your job easier and buy from us. We only supply the highest-quality of locally-sourced products. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Melbourne office on 0407 923 823 or send us a message via our contact page.


This information is furnished without warranty, representation, inducement, or licence of any kind, except that this is an accurate visual representation of the type of surfacing finish achievable using JEI Pebbles permeable / porous paving system. All written information is accurate to the best of JEI Pebble’s knowledge or has been obtained from sources delivered by JEI Pebbles. However such information is given without acceptance of liability for loss or damage attributed to reliance thereon as condition of use lie outside our control. Users should always carry out tests to establish the suitability of any product for their intended application. Due to the nature of the natural aggregate / stone some colour variation may occur.  For further advice please contact JEI Pebbles on Mob 0407 923 823.

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